How Big Are Reindeer? Let’s Explore Their Sizes

From hooves to the shoulder, male reindeer grow between 28 to 53 inches tall, while female reindeer are around 5.5 to 6.2 feet tall. Males tend to be heavier than females, weighing 143 to 529 pounds. Females typically weigh 121 to 308 pounds.

Reindeer and caribou belong to the deer family called Cervidae. They are considered to be part of the same genus and species.

Let’s take a closer look at these magical animals and learn more about their size, weight, and more!

How Big Is an Adult Reindeer (Both Male And Female)?

MaleFrom hooves to shoulder, male reindeer typically grow between 28 to 53 inches (70 to 135 centimeters)They are around 5.9 to 6.8 f (1.8 to 2.1 m) longLarger male reindeer can grow more than 1.2 meters (3.9 feet)Males weigh between 143 to 529 pounds (65 to 240 kilograms)Larger male reindeer can be heavier than 550 pounds
FemaleFemale reindeer are smaller than males and grow between around 5.5 to 6.2 feet (1.7 to 1.9 m) longThe weight range for female reindeer is between 121 to 308 pounds (55 to 140 kg)

How Big Are Reindeer Compared to Humans?

The average height for humans (male) is about 1.7m, while the average male reindeer are about 1.2 meters tall. In other words, humans are taller than reindeer in height.

If you compare the weight of reindeer and humans, reindeer tend to be heavier. The average person weighs about 60 kg in Asia and 80 kg in North America. On the other hand, male reindeer can weigh between 160 kg and 180 kg.

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However, female reindeer are much smaller in weight. Because they weigh between 65 to 240 kg, the smallest female reindeer are almost equal in weight to humans.

Are Males and Females the Same Size?

No, just like any other animal species, male and female reindeer are not the same size. In fact, male reindeer are larger in size compared to female reindeer.

Most biologists use sexual dimorphism to explain the difference in male and female characteristics. Larger-sized males are attributed to the sexual selection drives increased male size. ~

This helps explain why female reindeer is slightly smaller (in weight and height) compared to male reindeer.

What Are the Distinguished Facts About A Male Reindeer From A Female Reindeer?

There are many similarities and differences between male and female reindeer, the most obvious one being their size. Other differences between them include

1. Antlers

The size of their antlers makes males distinguishable from females. A female’s antlers grow up to 21 inches, while a male’s antlers are larger and can be up to 51 inches in length.

Did you know? Unlike other deer species in which only males have antlers, all reindeer have antlers, no matter what their gender is. They have the heaviest antlers among the deer species. ~

This means male reindeer are larger than female reindeer and have bigger antlers, making them easy to spot in a herd of reindeer.

2. Reproductive Season Physical Differences

During the reproductive season, the male reindeer become much easier to spot because of the long conspicuous hairs that start to appear below their necks.

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Their necks also appear broader while their stomachs start pushing inward.

3. Mating Behaviors

If a reindeer runs after another, chances are that the pursuing individual is the male while the other is the female.

Male reindeer have also been observed to beat their antlers against shrubs to seek a female’s attention.

How Big is A Reindeer When Born?

A baby reindeer, also called a calf, weighs between 13 and 17.5 pounds (6 and 8 kg) at birth. These animals can stand on their legs from the moment they are born. ~  The University of Alaska Fairbanks

Calves grow quickly. About a week after birth, they feed on solid food and their mother’s milk. In six month, they are weaned completely.

By their first birthdays, they weigh around 145 to 165 pounds (65 to 75 kg). They reach maturity at 4 to 6 years old and grow to their full size.

Do Reindeer Have Tails?

Yes, reindeer have tails that closely resemble the tail of a deer. Their tails are very short and usually white-colored. Reindeer necks and tails are said to have the same color.

Do Female Reindeer Have Tails?

Although male and female reindeer are different in some ways, tails are a common feature among them. Both males and females are known to have very short, whitish tails.

How Long Are Reindeer Tails?

Reindeer tail length ranges from 14cm to 20cm, depending on several factors such as age, overall size, and gender. Their tails are short to avoid frostbite; however, they are not good for defense against arctic mosquitoes.

Do Reindeer Have Whiskers?

Just like cats, reindeer have whiskers around their mouth and nose. They increase the reindeer’s sense of smell and help them with grazing.

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Smell receptors in the whiskers of deer play a vital role in their survival. It provides them with crucial information, including whether a predator is nearby, if food is nearby, and if they have come too far away from their herd.


Reindeer are some of the most fascinating creatures that belong to the deer family. Their biological characteristics, unique features, and their association with Christmas and Santa Clause make them an attraction for many.

However, reindeer numbers are unfortunately on the decline. Many conservation projects have already begun to save these precious animals.

I hope this article thoroughly explained the size of reindeer and the differences between male and female reindeer.

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