How Do Narwhals Adapt to Their Habitat?


Narwhals, marine mammals, have adapted to their Arctic habitat in several ways. They can better adapt to their habitat because of their thick layer of blubber, streamlined body shape, long/spiral tusks, and exceptional seasonal migration ability. Their adaptability makes them more special and enjoyable. They face several risks and obstacles due to their habitat and … Read more

What Sound Do Narwhals Make? Can Humans Hear Narwhals?

what sound does a narwhal make

Narwhals can make different sounds with different frequencies. They use a series of click sounds, Whistles, and pulsed sounds with different frequencies and a variety of series per second or minute. Using the top of their heads, they produce different sounds for communication, locating prey, and alerting them to danger.  Indeed, Narwhals have a unique … Read more

Where Do Narwhals Live? Where Can You See Them?

where do narwhals live

Narwhals, which are marine mammals, live in Arctic waters. They spend their lives in Norway, Greenland, Russia, and Canada. More significantly, they live most of their lives in the region of Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, where they can breathe through ice cracks. Baffin Bay is situated between Canada and Western Greenland. Greenland halibut is … Read more

Narwhal Tusk and Teeth: All You Need to Know


A narwhal tusk is a long, spiral-shaped tooth that grows from the upper jaw of male narwhals (Monodon monoceros). Narwhals are known for their distinctive appearance; the tusk is perhaps their most iconic feature. The male narwhal grows a single long tusk or tooth reaching up to 10 feet long. A narwhal tusk sounds like … Read more

What Is a Group of Narwhals Called?


Narwhals live a secretive life with a huge body and a long, single tusk like the horn of a unicorn. They live and move in groups, large and small. Narwhals gather in groups known as pods, schools, or blessings. The other names for narwhal groups are gam, herd and mod. The group can be smaller … Read more

Are Narwhals Extinct? [Explained]


Narwhals, a unique type that is a blend of a whale and a unicorn, are still around as of the current date. Still, you will find them in the Arctic zones around Russia, Norway, Canada and Greenland. There are more than 100,000 narwhals worldwide. But it is important to remember that some populations of narwhals, … Read more

Are Narwhals Dangerous? Do They Attack Human?


No, narwhals are not dangerous. They are known for their unique tusks. Rather than for aggression, they use tusks for social interactions and mating displays. Narwhals are typically docile creatures and are not known to attack or pose a threat to humans. They often avoid human contact and are known to be shy. In the … Read more

What Do Narwhals Eat? [Complete Diet]


Narwhals are carnivorous animals that love to hunt and eat live prey. Their favourite foods include shrimp, polar and Arctic cod, Gonatus squid, and Greenland halibut. In winter, they voraciously eat Gonatus squid or Greenland halibut. Narwhals have a somewhat different diet from the other whales in the whale family because these are the only … Read more