How Far Can a Polar Bear Smell?

polar bear

Polar bears can smell 32 kilometers (20 miles) away. Their sense of smell is incredibly strong and acute. Moreover, they can smell their prey from several kilometers away, even under layers of ice and snow. Their excellent sense of smell is due to the combination of biological adaptations and evolutionary pressures. Are there any other … Read more

What Does a Polar Bear Sound Like?

Polar Bear

A polar bear sounds like grunts, roars, moans, growls, and chuffs. Their sounds may also include hissing, jaw-chomping, blowing, throaty rumbling, whimpering, braying, and smacking. Their sound intensity varies depending on the situation. In other words, how they sound depend on their mood swings. Do you know that polar bears roar like lions or tigers … Read more

Do Polar Bears Eat Seals?

poar bear and seal

Polar bears eat seals. In fact, seals are the main prey of polar bears, unlike other bear species. There are more than 30 species of seals, but polar bears like to eat ringed seals, bearded seals, harp seals, harbor seals, and hooded seals. Moreover, they are excellent hunters of seals, especially on the ice. Did … Read more

Can You Eat Sea Lions? How Does it Taste Like?

sea lion

Yes, you can eat sea lions. In some parts of the world, consuming sea lions is legal and culturally acceptable. Sea lions are nutritious and have several health benefits. However, the consumption of seals is controversial, and many organizations are working to protect sea lions.  Sea lion meat is considered a delicacy in several cultures. … Read more

Why Do Polar Bears Have White Fur?

polar bear

Polar bears have white fur to camouflage in the white environment of the Arctic. Their white fur blends so well into the environment that we often see polar bears as snow drifts. Interestingly, the skin of polar bears is white, but their fur is not actually white. The fur of polar bears is hollow and … Read more

Can Polar Bears Climb Trees?

polar bear

Polar bears cannot climb trees. In fact, all other species of bears can climb trees except polar bears. This is because polar bears are big and heavy. Their large sizes do not help them climb trees. Plus, there are a few trees in the Arctic to climb, even if these beasts could. Do you know … Read more

Where And How Do Polar Bears Sleep?

Polar Bear Sleeping

Polar bears sleep in snow shelters called “daybeds” after digging the snow. These beds are their shelter areas, where they rest. They also sleep on the ice and like to take short naps throughout the day. Furthermore, they sleep in various positions, including lying down, curled up, or stretched out. If you are looking for … Read more

Where do Polar Bears Live?

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The polar bear’s habitat stretches across the Arctic Circle and Newfoundland. They inhabit Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway (Svalbard). All 19 populations of polar bears live in the Arctic Circle instead of Antarctica, despite the icy-cold environments on both poles.  Polar bears heavily depend on sea ice for survival. Let’s explore their ice-covered habitat … Read more

Polar Bear Predators: What Eats Polar Bears?

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Polar bears have a few natural predators. Humans, Orcas, Arctic Wolves, Other Polar Bears (cannibalism), Wolverines, and Golden Eagles are at the top of this list. More importantly, polar bears occasionally encounter these predators. This is because they themselves are at the top of the Arctic food chain. Do you know what the polar bears’ … Read more