Where Does The Arctic Hare Live?

arctic hare habitat

Have you ever wondered where the arctic hare resides? The arctic hare inhabits the North American tundra and has adapted to its seasons and weather patterns. However, it also exhibits specific traits that enable it to exist in and adequately fend for itself in these environments. I’ve got you covered if you’re one of those … Read more

How Arctic Hares Adapt the Cold and Harsh Conditions?

arctic hare adaptation

The arctic hare’s physical characteristics enable it to adapt to its harsh, frigid environment. These physical characteristics include the creature’s nose, ears, and limbs. Its body structure and function also help it adapt to its environment. While it accumulates fat to help it get through the long winters when there isn’t much to eat, it … Read more

Do Beluga Whales Have Knees?

beluga whale

No, beluga whales don’t have any knees. Though early beluga whales had knees, down through the evaluation stages, beluga whales lost their genes and the skeletal structure required for having knees. Therefore, the use adapted well to deal with this absence of knees. Are you still confused? Then, I will suggest you read this article. … Read more

What Do Arctic Hares Eat?

arctic hare looking for food

Arctic hares can eat several foods (mosses, lichens, berries, buds, roots etc.), they find in their habitat, depending on the season. From birth, they must first depend on their mother to provide the food they eat. When arctic hares can survive on their own, they feed on leaves and shrubs which grow around them. In … Read more