Are There Polar Bears in Antarctica?

polar bears in antarctica

No, polar bears do not live in Antarctica. Polar bears evolved from brown bears nearly 5 million to 500,000 years ago. At that time, Pangea had broken up, and the continents were in similar positions as they are now. Thus, the bears have yet to travel to Antarctica.  If polar bears made it to Antarctica, … Read more

Do Penguins Lay Eggs? [Explained]

penguin egg

Yes, all species of penguins lay eggs. The majority of penguins typically lay two eggs per breeding cycle. Some species lay one egg. Emperor penguins and King penguins are known for laying one egg every year. Penguins exhibit oviparity, a type of reproduction in which there is no embryonic development inside the mother. When a … Read more

What Sound Do Narwhals Make? Can Humans Hear Narwhals?

what sound does a narwhal make

Narwhals can make different sounds with different frequencies. They use a series of click sounds, Whistles, and pulsed sounds with different frequencies and a variety of series per second or minute. Using the top of their heads, they produce different sounds for communication, locating prey, and alerting them to danger.  Indeed, Narwhals have a unique … Read more

Are Sea Lions Endangered, Threatened or Extinct?

are sea lions endangered

Yes, several species of sea lions are classified as endangered, such as the Australian, Galapagos, and New Zealand sea lions. Japanese Sea lions (Zalophus japonicus) are listed as an extinct species. Also, the Steller sea lion is still considered threatened or at risk.  However, it’s essential to note that not all sea lion species are … Read more

Interesting Facts About Snowy Owls

interesting facts about snowy owls

Recent studies are full of interesting facts about nomadic birds – snowy owls. The discovery of new information about snowy owls is always of interest to researchers and bird enthusiasts. A recent report shows more than 300,000 snowy owls live on Earth. Their numbers vary each year due to the rise and fall of different … Read more

What Is a Group of Narwhals Called?


Narwhals live a secretive life with a huge body and a long, single tusk like the horn of a unicorn. They live and move in groups, large and small. Narwhals gather in groups known as pods, schools, or blessings. The other names for narwhal groups are gam, herd and mod. The group can be smaller … Read more

Are Narwhals Extinct? [Explained]


Narwhals, a unique type that is a blend of a whale and a unicorn, are still around as of the current date. Still, you will find them in the Arctic zones around Russia, Norway, Canada and Greenland. There are more than 100,000 narwhals worldwide. But it is important to remember that some populations of narwhals, … Read more

How Do Snowy Owls Adapt in The Arctic?

snowy owl

Snowy owls have an amazing array of structural, behavioral and physical adaptations that help them survive in harsh Arctic conditions. Their white color serves as camouflage in the snow, and their thick plumage acts as insulation. They aid in hunting with their large, sharp talons and beak. They also have keen hearing and eyesight for … Read more

How Long Do Snowy Owls Live?

Snowy owl

Snowy owls can live from 10 to 20 years or even longer. In the wild, they live for 10 years. However, they can survive in captivity for up to 28 years. They can live longer in captivity because there is always food available and no danger from predators. Hunting, habitat loss, food shortages, and the … Read more

Do Sea Otters Eat Sea Urchins?

female sea otter

Yes, sea otters do eat sea urchins. Sea urchins are, in fact, a significant part of the sea otter’s diet, providing essential nutrients. Red and purple sea urchins are their favorites. But they can consume other sea urchin species when they are available. They use their skill to get past the sea urchin’s spiky exterior, … Read more