Creeping Azalea (Kalmia procumbens): Description and Facts

Creeping Azalea (Kalmia procumbens)

Creeping Azalea is a mat-forming flowering plant that is found in high mountains. It contains poisonous parts, including flowers, leaves, fruits, and roots. The small flowers that appear pink in color are so attractive. Summer is the season when it blooms fully. Throughout this article, I will provide every detail of Creeping Azalea as well … Read more

Mountain Sorrel (Oxyria Digyna): Arctic-Alpine Perennial Herbaceous Plant

Mountain Sorrel

The arctic-alpine plants have changed significantly due to climate change and the Pleistocene ice ages. Oxyria digyna (Mountain Sorrel) is a widespread arctic-alpine perennial herbaceous plant found in tundra habitats throughout the northern hemisphere. It includes Eurasia and almost all of Arctic Native America, as well as the mountain of southern Russia, southern Europe, the … Read more

Crustose Lichens (Lecanora Conizaeoides): Let’s Talk About Its Lifecycle

Crustose Lichens

Crustose lichen is a composite organism with a symbiotic relationship with algae and fungi. It doesn’t contain any lobe, and its thin and flat crust adheres inseparably to any surface. Also, the color of the foliage of crustose lichen varies with its species. Crustose Lichen is indeed an interesting organism with its characteristics. Throughout this … Read more

Arctic White Heather (Cassiope Tetragona): Facts to Know

Arctic White Heather

Arctic White Heather is a perennial flowering plant that usually blooms in the rainy season. The high mountains are the most common place to find them. However, this isn’t a medicinal plant and is sometimes toxic to animals. Today, I will discuss this plant’s details, adaptations, and importance throughout the article. To know more about … Read more

Alpine Arnica (Arnica Angustifolia)| The Perennial Flowering Plants

Alpine Arnica

Alpine Arnica is one of the perennial flowering plants that belongs to the sunflower family. This plant usually grows in cold temperatures. The yellow flower generally blooms in July to increase its beauty. Normally, Alpine Arnica is found in many regions all over the world. In this article, I will discuss the uses, growth, and … Read more

Arctic Sedges (Carex Capitata)-A History to Blooming of Brown Flowers

arctic sedges Carex-capitata

Arctic sedges are one kind of evergreen perennial flowering plant that usually blooms in spring. The wet grounds are their favorite place to grow. Arctic sedges get their beauty after the blooming of brown flowers. Arctic sedges are one of the most well-known plants in arctic regions. Today, I will discuss this plant’s importance, growth, … Read more