What Do Puffins Eat? [Complete Diet of Puffin] 


Puffins mainly dine on a seafood menu, especially small fish such as sand eels, herring, and capelin. Their diet varies with season, availability, and location, but fish remains the staple component. However, they do not limit themselves to fish, supplementing their diet with invertebrates like squid and zooplankton. But what do puffins eat the most? … Read more

Are Puffins Friendly?

puffin bird

Puffins are generally friendly and not known to be aggressive towards humans. However, they are wild animals, and as such, they are not accustomed to human interaction. They do not have teeth, but their beaks are sharp. So, they might peck you if they feel threatened. But can you pet a puffin? Puffins are wild … Read more

Are Puffins Penguins? [Similarities vs Differences]

penguin vs puffin

Puffins and penguins are often confused due to their similar physical appearance and habitat. However, they are two distinct bird species. They have evolved differently and are not closely related. While both birds are adapted for swimming and diving, they have different physical features and behavioral patterns. So, do they belong to the same family? … Read more

How Do Puffins Survive in the Arctic?

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Puffins can survive in the arctic due to some of the features that they have. These birds have waterproof feathers that allow them to stay warm and afloat in the water. Moreover, adult puffins spend almost 8 months sleeping and resting on the waves, making survival easier. Besides having natural features that allow them to … Read more

Do Puffins Migrate or Hibernate?


Yes, Puffins migrate. They migrate to the waters where fish are most available in north Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence and then head to the southeast, where they spend the rest of winters sleeping on waves. It may give you surprise, the adult puffins spend eight months on the ocean waves in a state of … Read more

Do Puffin Birds Mate for Life?

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Puffins do mate for life. They catch your interest by pecking their bills and showing affection. They are serious in relation to their partner and maintain a pair tie for life. Their mutual affection for the puffling is another proof of their strong bonding. When you look closely at how they pair up, breed and … Read more

Is a Puffin a Prey or a Predator?

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In general, puffins have a very lovely prey-predator relationship with many animals. To be specific, Atlantic puffins, the most common type of puffins, prey on marine invertebrates such as crustaceans and mollusks. On the other hand, they prey on large fish and many aquatic and terrestrial mammals. Puffins are a kind of bird that is … Read more

Can You Eat a Puffin Bird?

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Yes, you can eat a puffin for its gamier, sea salt flavor. In Reykjavik, eating smoked puffin is common in restaurants. Eating raw puffin has been a delicacy to the Icelanders. Talking about puffin eating, it would be better to discuss where it is common to eat it and how to cook it better. Knowing … Read more

Can Puffins Swim or Fly?

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Yes, amazingly, the puffin is a bird, and this comic-looking cute bird can both swim and fly. It is the search for food for which they dive deep underwater and swim with strokes of wings in a flying motion.   Puffins’ colonies are on the coasts of water bodies where they stay, breed, and feed their … Read more