About Authors

Mejbah Kingshuk, Founder and Chief Editor

Mejbah Kingshuk

Mejbah is the founder of this website and a professional writer and editor. He has been writing on various topics for almost 12 years. Being computer science graduate, he is interested in traveling and wildlife. He loves to listen to music in his leisure.

Aabid Irfan, Writer and Editor

Aabid is a full-time writer and a professional blogger. He has nine-year experience as a writer on various topics, including animals and their life. Earlier, he received a master’s degree in Biology from Dhaka University.

Farha Farzana, Researcher and Writer

Farha is a part-time writer and a full-time researcher in agriculture. After graduating in agriculture, she completed a post-graduation in agronomy from Patuakhali Science and Technology University.

Farria Afroz, Writer

Farria is a mother and housewife, but she has eight years of writing experience on different blogs. She is a zoology graduate and loves to write about animals. She enjoys learning about animals during her leisure.