How Long Do Beluga Whales Live?

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Beluga whales live 35 to 50 years long. This is the estimated longevity of belugas based on the studies of zoological and wild populations of these sea creatures. However, new research indicates that belugas may reach the age of 70. How long beluga whales actually live is a mystery to scientists. People have speculated that … Read more

What Do Beluga Whales Eat? Are They Carnivorous?

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Beluga whales eat small fishes and marine invertebrates. Besides, they also feed on phytoplanktons. Grown-up beluga whales hunt their prey using echolocation, suction, and water jet features. Beluga calves are fed on the secretion of their mother beluga’s mammary glands. Aren’t you fascinated to know about the food habits of beluga whales? In this article, … Read more

Where Do Beluga Whales Live? Amazing Habitat Facts!

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Beluga whales live in the Arctic and Subarctic Oceans and the Northern Hemisphere seas. They also live in the regions of Alaska, Greenland, Canada, and Russia. They prefer to live in the shallow, tidal waters of coastal bays and inlets, although they are also comfortable in the open, saltwater environments. This article will show where … Read more

How Big Are Beluga Whales?

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In general, Beluga whales reach an average of 4.8 meters (16 feet) in length and weigh an average of 1.4 tons (3,150 pounds). The male is bigger than the female. About 40% of a beluga’s body weight is fat, which gives it a giant size. Also, keep in mind that Beluga whales (white whales) are … Read more

Are Beluga Whales Friendly?

Yes, beluga whales are friendly creatures. They show their amiable and social behavior within or also even outside of their family groups. Not only that, but beluga whales also interact gently with humans until they are not abused or threatened. In this article, I am going to discuss their behavior toward humans. Moreover, I will … Read more

Are Beluga Whales Dolphins?

Beluga whales are not dolphins

No, beluga whales are not dolphins at all. They are not a part of the dolphin family rather; they are from the family Monodontidae (a family of mammals). They are classified as toothed whales under Monodontidae. Besides these facts, I will let you know how beluga whales and dolphins differ because we won’t be able … Read more

Are Beluga Whales Smarter Than Humans?

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No, belugas whales are not smarter than humans, although they are considered one of the most intelligent animals on earth. It’s true that they have bigger brains than human brains, but it doesn’t prove that they are smarter enough than humans. However, scientific reports on belugas suggest their brain have unique qualities. This article unveils … Read more

Are Beluga Whales Blind or Deaf?

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No, beluga whales are neither blind nor deaf. Rather, they have excellent eyesight and hearing ability. Interestingly, their eyes can see underwater and, in the air, accurately. Their sound-sensing ability is a matter of surprise. Beluga whales have very distinctive features for their hearing and seeing purposes. This article will discuss several overwhelming facts about … Read more

How Long Can Beluga Whales Hold Their Breath?


Beluga whales can hold their breath for about fifteen minutes. A typical dive for this type of whale lasts no more than ten minutes.  All mammals can alter their physiological adaptations for diving. A beluga whale is no exception. Like other whales, it breathes oxygen from the air before diving underwater.  It can conserve oxygen … Read more