What Sound Do Reindeer Make?

Reindeer make different types of sounds, such as grunting, snorting, barking, clicking, and bleating, depending on their age and gender. Interestingly, male reindeer sound louder than their female and young members. But, females and young have higher pitch vocalization than male reindeer.

That was only a quick snapshot of the answer. There is more to the picture as the reindeer makes different sounds at different times and means different things. Let’s discuss more fascinating facts about the different sounds that reindeer make.

What Sound Does Male Reindeer Make?

All reindeer make sounds like grunting. But, it will surprise you to know that males sound louder than their female members.

Generally, male reindeer’s vocal tract has an additional developed filter called the laryngeal air sac. This air sac amplifies their vocalization excellently. During their mating season, they hoot, snort, bellow and rattle hoarsely to attract their partner. You can even hear their sounds from a long distance.

Moreover, male reindeer also make sounds like snort-wheeze. These types of sounds are an indication of their aggression. Mainly, they make these types of sounds to intimidate other bucks. The main purpose of this is to display their dominance over their territory.

Normally, smaller bucks will be frightened when they hear other bucks making this type of sound. But, if they are strong, they will feel challenged and will accept the fight invitation.

What Sound Does Female Reindeer Make?

Female reindeer make bleating and grunting sounds. But their sounds are lower than the male reindeer.

Female reindeer’s air sac is way smaller than the males. At their younger age, they both have the same size air sac. But after 2-3 years, female reindeer’s air sacs stop growing, whereas males’ air sacs continue to grow. That’s why females’ vocalization is lower than that of males.

During the rutting season, when male reindeer grunt loudly to attract the female, female reindeer stay silent. Sometimes, they make bleating sounds to let the female reindeer know they are ready to mingle.

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Besides, female reindeer mainly make sounds to communicate with their young. After giving birth, female reindeer start to vocalize to call their calves.

What Sounds Do Baby Reindeer Make?

Baby reindeer make various types of sounds, such as bleating and bawling to their mother. They also make whining types of sounds to communicate with their mother.

The laryngeal air sac of baby reindeer is not well developed. That’s why you can’t hear their whining sounds from a distance. They only make whining sounds when their mother feeds them. Mainly, this whining is raising and falling pitch which is only audible only to their mothers.

Baby reindeer can also make crying sounds when they feel in danger. The volume of their continuous crying increases if they feel extreme danger. If they lose their path, can’t find the herd, or are chased by any predators, they make a loud crying sound.

Their mother can hear these sounds from a large distance and start searching for the baby. Besides, baby reindeer make bleating sounds to communicate with their mother or the herd. You can also find them making bleating sounds when they are playing around.

What Sound Do Reindeer Make at Night?

Reindeer can make loud screaming sounds at night. Generally, they make crying, barking, and shrilling type sounds at night when they feel in danger.

Reindeer have enhanced night vision. Thus, they can see predators or dangers even at night. At night, when everything is so silent, they can easily hear any sounds made by approaching predators. Hence, it’s normal for them to be more vulnerable during nighttime.

They scream when they startle or feel danger. Even after they get injured, they make crying noises. Their crying noise increases with the threat’s intensity. It also helps to make reindeer aware of the danger who are nearby.

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At night, they are more vulnerable to death, as many predators come outside for hunting purposes. Therefore, reindeer make different noises to seek help and make other alerts so they can hide in a safe place to avoid death.

What Sounds Do Reindeer Make When Happy?

Reindeer mainly make bleating sounds when they are happy. But the pitch of the sounds differs from reindeer to reindeer.

Generally, you won’t find male reindeer making happy sounds that frequently. Mainly, baby reindeer make bleating sounds the most. You will find them making bleating sounds whenever they are playing or excited over something.

Bleating is a high-pitched vibrating sound. Due to the smaller body size of the baby reindeer, their airway is also shortened. That’s why the pitch of the bleat is higher than the adult reindeer. Also, among adult reindeer, female reindeer have a higher pitch than male reindeer due to their shorter body size.

What Sounds Do Reindeer Make in The Woods?

Reindeer mainly made grunting sounds in the woods. Sometimes they make clicking sounds using their feet.

If you ever went to the woods, you might hear the monotone speaking voice of reindeer. They mainly communicate with each other through their grunting sound.

When the baby reindeer can’t find their mother or feel lost in the woods, they make loud crying sounds. Also, sometimes you may hear clicking sounds while passing through the woods.

These are sounds that reindeer make with their feet. When you are too close to them, or they feel endangered by seeing you, they make those sounds to alert others.

Moreover, reindeer move in a group. Thus, when they see any predators or humans, they make different sounds to call their herd together. This act’s purpose is to feel safer when in a group.

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Do Reindeers Grunt?

Yes. Reindeers grunt for various reasons. Some of those are for communicating, showing aggression, and attracting the opposite gender during their rutting season.

The reasons for the grunting of reindeer vary according to gender. Mainly, male reindeer grunt to attract the opposite gender during their mating period. Interestingly, male reindeer have their harem, which they protect wholeheartedly.

Thus, when any other male reindeer tries to invade their harem, they show their aggression by grunting. If the other reindeer don’t become alert by the grunting noise and keep approaching, they get into physical conflicts.

On the other hand, female reindeer don’t grunt that much. Mainly, they do so to communicate with their calves or with their herd. They rarely grunt to the male reindeer to tell them they are ready for matting.

How Do Reindeers Communicate?

Reindeer can communicate with each other through various methods. Those methods include grunting, barking, clicking, rattling, and various body language.

They make multiple vocal and visual displays to let others know about their emotions. Reindeer have a strong sense of smell, and they can recognize danger by sniffing.

Thus, when they feel something odd, they make sniffing sounds and stomp their feet. These activities make their herd alert about unforeseen danger.

Moreover, they snort when they feel danger around them. Even they grunt to show their dominance around their territory. Sometimes, they involve themselves in fighting.

During the fight, they make rattling sounds. Whenever other reindeer hear these rattling sounds, they come to the fighting place to see who is winning.


Reindeer have a specialized vocalization style. Their distinguishing communication styles make them more fascinating to humans.

Generally, they vocalize more during their rutting season. But their different sounds carry different significances. If you are here from the start, I hope you are clear about the purposes of each sound.

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