Do Penguins Pee and Poop? [Surprising Facts!]

No, penguins do not pee, but they do poop. Penguins, like other bird species, lack urethra and urinary bladder, which means they do not pee. They do produce waste in the form of uric acid, which is expelled from their bodies.

You may wonder to know that penguins do not pee. But this is the reality. There were rumors that penguins urinate. Actually, they lack the ability to urinate. If you’re interested in knowing more interesting facts about these birds, keep reading!

Do Penguins Pee and Poop at The Same Time?

No, penguins do not pee and poop at the same time. Actually, penguins do not pee. They only excrete a semi-solid white paste known as penguins poop. Penguins lack the ability to urinate.


Therefore, they eliminate their bodily waste in the form of uric acid, which is combined with their solid waste to form a semi-solid white paste known as guano, aka penguins poop. So, they only poop, not pee.

There is a lot of misinformation regarding penguin pee on the internet. People are searching about the percentage of penguins’ pee in the Antarctic ice.

Seriously? Can a penguin’s urine make a piece of Antarctic ice? You’ll be surprised to know that some people are saying YES. But after deeply researching, I found it was just a rumor that 3% of Antarctic ice is made up of penguins’ urine.

Did you know there’s a rumor about penguin pee? It is said that 3% of the ice in the Antarctic Zone is penguin urine, which is thoroughly misinformation.

How Do Penguins Pee and Poop?

Penguins poop from their hindquarters. They have unique habits when it comes to pooping. Instead of going in a typical direction, their feces often travel in a projectile-like due to their higher internal pressures.

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The powerful expulsion can send their poop flying up to four feet away and sometimes even onto other penguins. To aid in this process, these aquatic birds often perform a little wiggle to help the waste out of their cloaca.

So, if you ever find yourself standing near these birds, be prepared to dodge some projectile pooping!

How Often Do Penguins Pee and Poop?

penguin poop

Penguins do poop every 20 minutes and can do so up to 6-8 times an hour. They are known for their efficient digestive system. Their fast metabolism leads them to poop every 20 minutes.

In addition, their frequent pooping creates laughing gas. When these penguins eat a diet of squid, fish, and krill, their feces release nitrogen into the soil.

The bacteria in the ground then turn this nitrogen into nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas commonly referred to as laughing gas. This process is fueled by their poop.

Where Do Penguins Poop and Pee?

Penguins poop wherever they happen to be. Penguins have unique bathroom habits compared to other animals. Instead of seeking out a designated spot, they are quite happy to do their business everywhere.

They do poop even within the boundaries of their nesting sites. It’s important to remember that these birds must poop every 20 minutes, so it’s no wonder why they don’t feel obliged to look for a more hidden area. All in all, you can’t blame them.

Does Penguin Poop Smell?

Yes, penguin poop does smell. Penguin poop has been compared to an unpleasant combination of old cigarette tobacco, ammonia, and rancid shrimp. An NPR scientist has observed this distinctive aroma firsthand.

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What Animals Do Not Poop or Pee?


Demodex mites are micro-organisms that are distantly related to spiders. These creatures have a short lifespan of only two weeks, during which they store all their waste in special enlarged cells found in their elongated abdomens.

Interestingly, these mites do not have an anus or any other exit route for the excretion of wastes from their bodies.

As a result, they do not poop or pee during their lifespan. Other than that, there is no animal that does not poo or pee.


What color are penguin pee and poop?

Another name for penguin poop is guano. The color of the penguin poop is white and sometimes can grey, pink, and brown.

Is penguin poop pink?

Yes, penguin poop is pink. When penguins eat krill, their poop color change from white to pink.

Do penguins have bladders?

No, penguins do not have bladders. This is the reason that they do not urinate.

Do penguins urinate through their nipples?

No, penguins do not urinate through their nipples. They do not have nipples.

Do penguins throw their poop?

Yes, penguins throw their poop. They can throw up to 4 feet away. Due to higher internal pressure, they throw their poop.


Penguins excrete their bodily waste in the form of uric acid and poop through a cloaca. They have no urinary bladder nor a urethra, which means they’re unable to pee. There is a rumor that 3% of the Antarctic ice is made up of penguins’ urine. It is not true at all because penguins do not urinate. They poop every 20 minutes. Their poop color may vary from white to pink.

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