Can A Wolverine Kill a Moose?

Yes, in some cases, wolverines can kill moose, but it’s quite an uncommon occurrence. They would only confront a moose if their food source were threatened or if they perceived the moose as a threat. However, an adult moose can weigh over 1500 pounds which is larger than a wolverine. So, wolverines would not be able to kill moose easily!

In fact, wolverines have powerful claws that have been known to take down large prey, such as moose. Wolverine can certainly use his tactical skills and strength to chase a moose away from an area. However, he would probably not be able to do so.

Further, I’ll analyze the strengths and weaknesses of wolverines in relation to killing moose. Besides, I’ll also consider how such a situation might affect nature’s balance.

Now let’s dive into the fascinating world of wolverines!

Can A Wolverine Kill a Moose?


Wolverines can kill moose under certain circumstances, but they don’t do this very often. The fierce wolverine, commonly known as the “glutton,”. They are small but mighty predators living in North America’s wilderness.

But the surprising question is- can a wolverine really take down a giant moose, the largest species of the deer family?

Wolverines are usually known to be aggressive and fearless hunters who can kill animals that are much bigger than themselves. Although they are relatively small, this ferocious creature is known to be one of the toughest animals in the wild.

In fact, despite the size difference between a wolverine and a moose, wolverines are capable of killing adult moose. They need the moose to be sick, injured or weakened due to starvation or deep snow exhaustion.

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However, wolverines are skilled at attacking prey in winter environments. With their sharp claws, strong jaws, and strong teeth, they can do a lot of damage when they attack. Also, they eat moose meat as carrion, often waiting around packs of wolves for them to take down a moose.

Take a look at some research, where I will tell you how many moose were killed by wolverines! ~(Source)

 Research  Period  LocationTotal moose killedMoose age/sex information  Snow depth
   Study- 11967-2001Siberia, Russia19About 60% adults80-160 cm
   Study- 21956-1971Lapland Ski and Pechoro-Ilychasky, Russia11No information givenN/A
   Study- 3N/AAlaska and British Columbia32 sub adults and 1 adults( starvation)Deep snow
   Study- 4¾ decadessweden7Adults killed( not in good shape)N/A
Total Various location40About 16 confirmed adultvarious

How Do Wolverines Kill Moose?


The hunting tactics of wolverines are highly dependent on their environment. Depending on prey availability and other factors, they adapt to different hunting methods. When it comes to killing a moose, they employ a combination of strategies, including ambush and pursuit.

In fact, wolverines will often wait in an area frequented by moose. Afterward, when one is spotted, Wolverine will use his powerful jaws to latch onto the animal’s neck and shoulders, inflicting severe wounds.

One common strategy that wolverines use to take down a moose is to target the animal’s legs. Even so, they try to disable it as quickly as possible.

In some cases, the wolverine may even attempt to drown the moose by pushing it into a body of water. Ultimately, the wolverine depends on its strength, agility, and ferocity to take down this formidable prey.

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Another tactic that wolverines may use is to attack the moose from behind. Often, the wolverine bites the moose’s tail or rump, making it turn around and face its attacker. When the moose faces the wolverine, the predator will claw and bite at the animal’s vulnerable areas until it’s dead.

But keep in mind that wolverines rarely hunt large prey like moose. They typically target smaller mammals and scavenge carcasses to sustain their diets. When the opportunity arises, wolverines can take down even the largest prey.

Do Wolverines Eat Moose?

Yes, there is a possibility that wolverines might eat moose, but it is less common. because they are more likely to feed on small animals. The wolverine will pick through the body of a dead moose instead of hunting and killing it.

However, wolverines aren’t generally considered to be major moose predators. Because moose are much larger and stronger than wolverines, they would likely be able to defend themselves against a wolverine attack. In fact, a recent study found that a wolverine had the ability to digest and even consume moose meat.

What Animals Can a Wolverine Kill?


Wolverines are such successful predators because of their ability to adapt to different environments. They can be found in a wide variety of habitats, including forests, tundra, and alpine regions. No matter which environment they live in, they can find food sources appropriate to that habitat.

However, they kill a variety of animals, including

Reindeer and Caribou

Wolverines have been known to attack and kill reindeer and caribou, especially newborns and weakened animals.

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Small mammals

They eat rodents, rabbits, hares, and squirrels, among other small mammals.

Moose and Deer

Wolverines are powerful enough to take down moose and deer, although these are not typical prey items.


They are known to hunt and kill birds, including ptarmigan and grouse.


Wolverines are strong swimmers and are known to catch fish, especially during the spawning season.


Although a wolverine is capable of taking down a moose, it is not an easy task. Wolverines are strong and fearless predators, but their small size and lack of claws make it difficult to take down larger prey like a moose.

Aside from that, a moose is an extremely powerful animal that can easily overpower a wolverine. With their large size and strong antlers, moose are more than capable of defending themselves from a wolverine attack.

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