How Fast Can Wolverine Run?

Wolverines are so fast that they can easily catch their prey in seconds. The average speed of a mature wolverine is around 30 miles per hour (48 KMPH). The faster wolverines are available in different regions.

Usually, Wolverines have two types of speed. They are termed “fast” and “stop”. When they are not running at top speed, this is termed a stop. In these circumstances, they usually hunt prey that is slower than them.

In this article, we will discuss the heritage and their movement within their home range. Besides, their hunting mechanism and special characteristics will be available in our discussion.

How Fast Can a Wolverine Run on Snow?

As we mentioned before, Wolverines are very quick and can move so fast they can run up to 30 mph even on the snow. They need to move fast to stay comfortable up on snow. But they usually use this speed for hunting prey.


A top speed “of 48 kph” is needed for many aspects. One aim is to catch prey that can run so fast. Another one is to run smoothly by staying on top of the snow. Covering long distances to find food is mandatory for wolverines. That’s why they need to run at the top speed to cover the areas faster.

However, some of their prey is faster than wolverines. In this situation, they don’t run to hunt. They stay on the top of a tree and wait for the arrival of prey.

Basically, wolverines hunt small mammals, but these can’t fulfill the diet of a wolverine. That’s why they travel wild to hunt big animals like elk, caribou, and deer. In a time of large hunting, they need their top speed to chase prey.

How Long Can a Wolverine Run?

Generally, the wolverines can run as long as they want. Typically, Wolverine’s home range is large. Sometimes, a home range overlaps with other home ranges. In this range, they have to move too far for various purposes, mostly for a food source.

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An adult wolverine needs approximately 200 to 400 Square miles of home range. For the female ones, the range is small and ranges below 135 Square miles. In their range, they can run nonstop for 15 miles.

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Sometimes Wolverines run more than 6 to 9 miles in addition to 15 miles without even resting. They are active throughout the whole day. As they are energetic and contain special paws that enable easy moving in any place, they travel by their wish.

How Does a Wolverine Move?

Wolverines react super-fast to any movement around them. They can move their body within seconds to another position. The movement of a wolverine is like a bear. They stay and walk on their feet, which is called the semi-plantigrade posture.


Usually, the wolverine is a type of low-to-ground animal that has an elongated body. Many times they are found on trees. They can easily climb on trees because of their plantigrade posture. The claws enable them to stay and move on trees or cliffs.

When it comes to moving in heavy snow, they are one of the best because of their paws. A wolverine’s paw is known as a snowshoe. The paws allow them to stay on the top layer of snow and enable them to walk or run over the snow.

In their home range, they usually move in a straight line, no matter what the distance is. In their movement, the tracks have different visions while running and walking. Walking tracks display a 2×2 pattern while running tracks display a 3×3 pattern.

In their tracks, the toes and pads are seen clearly. But if the snow is deep, the visibility is lower. The size of the paw is similar to a young man’s hand.

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How Big Are Wolverines in Feet? (Speciality of Wolverine’s Feet)

A wolverine size is similar to a regular medium size dog. Normally, a wolverine is 1.5 feet tall in feet. The legs are shorter, and the paw size ranges from 4 to 4.7 inches and around 3 inches wide.

However, the length of the body of a wolverine range between 26 to 45 inches, including the length of the tail. The tail is nearly similar to the size of a wolverine in feet.

In addition, in various regions, the wolverine has various sizes and weights. Eurasian Wolverines are known as the largest Wolverines. Besides, they are also heavier than North Americans.


Some survey results show that the female Wolverines are smaller than the males. But the size difference is linearly dependent, and males are 15% larger than females.

Wolverine’s feet are unique and special in that they can climb any tree and steel cliff without any suffering. The feet are so wide and have too much fur. The front feet make climbing easier by containing strong claws. Also, they contain five toes in every paw.

The paws are known as the snowshoes of wolverines because they help them stay over the snow and enable them to walk and run smoothly.

Do Wolverines Stalk or Chase Their Prey?

Yes! Wolverines chase and stalk when they need to while hunting. They chase while hunting relatively large and fast prey. But they like to hunt their prey by ambushing. They have so much strength that they can kill animals larger than their size.

In a time of hunting prey faster than wolverines, they usually don’t chase down. They stalk them very carefully and wait up on a tree. When the prey arrives, they jump on the back of the prey and kill them using their strong and large paws and claws.

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However, they also eat mostly dead bodies. They have a sharp sense of smell and can smell under 20 feet of snow. If any dead body is lying under the snow, they can find and eat it. Because of this sense of smell, they usually don’t lose their prey while stalking, and even if they lose in front of vision, they can find it by smell.



1.     Can wolverines swim?

Yes, Wolverines can swim. Wolverines are primarily known as terrestrial animals, but they can climb as well as also swim. They are good swimmers and can travel up to six miles on the water.

2. Does Wolverine have claws on his feet?

Yes, Wolverines have claws. The short feet contain long and strong claws. Wolverines use these claws in the time of hunting their prey. The number of claws present in a wolverine’s foot is 5.

3. How long can wolverines jump?

Normally, the length of a wolverine’s jumping step while moving is 60 to 100 cm long. While they move on soft snow, they like to move by jumping to reach their destination fast. Not only in soft snows, but they also change their movement on a situational basis.


As Wolverines are ferocious and dangerous animals, we have to keep in mind that they are friendly to humans. Also, there is no occurrence of attacking humans. So, one can be friendly to the wolverine if they like to.

But for safety, everyone should keep a proper distance while stalking a wolverine. Basically, wolverines do not have many predators as they are the predators of others. Lions, wolves, and, most commonly, humans are the biggest predators.

As they are moribund day by day, we have to protect and provide enough area to save and protect their breed in the ecosystem.

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