Can Reindeer Fly? Face The Truth and Explore Some Fables

No, reindeer cannot fly. Reindeer are mammals and, by definition, are not able to fly. The phenomenon of ‘flying reindeer’ has come up in a few books and folklore but is dubious at best. It is said that Santa’s reindeer are special, and they can fly.

Yet, one has to look at the physiognomy of reindeer to see why this is so. Reindeer are special mammals with exceptionally large antlers, disproportionately large eyes, sharp eyesight and binoculars, and exceptional hearing. They have no feathers to fly with, they do not have a strong central tail for balance, and the nose does not function as an artificial rudder to control the direction of flight.

This article is merely dedicated to talking about the Flying Reindeer legend. It will present the scientific facts about reindeer, debunk the origin and myths, and answer all the queries related to flying reindeer. Let’s stop exaggerating it and get straight to it.

Can Reindeer Really Fly?

No, literally and figuratively, reindeer cannot fly. Imagine how an animal can fly. Santa’s flying reindeer have no bodily functions or physiological mechanisms that support their ability to fly.

Many mythologies that involve Santa Claus have flying reindeer in them. Let’s see what’s the real matter behind this legendary phenomenon and what makes Santa’s reindeer fly.

Wormholes and relativity clouds are two methods that Santa and his team have probably developed in order to travel through space and time.

It is obvious that the reindeer need to be airborne and propel both themselves and the sleigh through the air as they go; the question is, what mechanisms do they utilize to accomplish this goal, and how do they accomplish it?

It would appear that Santa’s reindeer have a few characteristics that set them apart from their closest, non-flying kin due to their genetic makeup. In the first place, their bone density is lower than that of other species of reindeer.

Their leg bones are hollow and feature hollow pockets and specialized air sacs. Additionally, their leg bones are longer and lighter. These kinds of reindeer have skeletons that are similar in some ways to the skeletons of birds.

reindeer in north pole

Reindeer, unlike birds, do not have feathers; however, the hairs on Santa’s reindeer each have a hollow shaft running through the middle of them.

The shorter hairs closer to the reindeer’s skin can fluff up and trap air, while the longer hairs seem tapered at the ends, giving them an advantage in terms of aerodynamics.

Additionally, their antlers have an aerodynamic structure. In conclusion, each and every reindeer is a ruminant, which means that its stomach is divided into four sections.

The reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh have an adaption to their stomachs that enables them to close off portions of the organ and fill them with gasses produced during the digestion of their food. These gasses are less dense than air, making it simpler to float through the atmosphere.

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So, are reindeer really able to fly? I hope the answer is clear – They are incapable of flying and are not as nimble as a bird; however, they have remarkable air and leg muscles and some extraordinary physical features that give them an edge over other species of mammals. But it doesn’t make them able to fly.

History of Reindeer and Its Flying

Where did this story about flying reindeer originate in the first place? What really is behind it? Did Santa Claus start it in the first place?

So, let’s see what the historians think about this legendary mammal and what’s the background behind “flying reindeer.”

The ancient “Norse legend of Thor” possibly inspired modern tales of flying reindeer. To go around, the god of thunder, Thor, used two enchanted goats to pull his chariot through the clouds.

Because of their association with the Arctic, reindeer were previously thought to be mystical and magical, standing as symbols of good fortune and celebration.

So, maybe it isn’t so far-fetched to have legends of flying reindeer pulling a sleigh if mythical goats can fly and drive chariots.

In 1821, a New York printer released a pamphlet called “A New Year’s Present,” widely regarded as the earliest documented reference to reindeer in connection with Santa Claus.

Then it’s mentioned that reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh as they fly through the cold night. It’s even stated that the reindeer were tied together with strings, using them to propel the sleigh forward.

The poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” was first published in 1823 in the Troy Sentinel. It is now more commonly referred to as “The Night Before Christmas.”

It is the first time in the poem that Donner and Blitzen, two of Santa’s flying reindeer, are given their names. The poem depicts eight flying reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. It was a fantastic masterpiece poem about flying reindeer that captured the imagination of people all over the world. 

Robert L. May penned “the most famous reindeer of all” in 1939 to create a Christmas coloring book for the department store Montgomery Ward, where he was employed.

The coloring booklets were distributed as holiday gifts to children by the corporation in the hopes of encouraging their parents to go shopping. At that time, Rudolph, the Reindeer with the Red Nose, started directing Santa’s sleigh.

Johnny Marks, May’s brother-in-law, wrote the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in 1948. It became one of the Christmas carols that have sold the most copies throughout the holiday’s history.

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It was named “The real (non-flying) reindeer”. Reindeer are a type of deer, as the name implies. They are the only deer species with antlers on both males and females.

All this historical evidence and stories about flying reindeer might have been true when they first appeared, but it’s pretty hard to believe that flying reindeer actually exist.

Considering all the animals’ physical requirements, it’s unlikely they can fly. It’s almost hard to believe that there were once reindeer that could run, jump, and fly on their hind legs through the clouds in the sky.

How Could Reindeer Fly? Let’s Talk About 4 Common Fables About Santas’reindeer

reindeer and santa

As we know, reindeer cannot fly, but it is said that Santa’s reindeer can fly. Santa’s reindeer have to fly very fast to meet their appointed destination on time to keep their children happy on Christmas Eve. Santa may fly his reindeer in a variety of ways. But Santa might be using one of these specialized ways:

  1. Time Warping

Time travel through wormholes and time warps is an old secret that the elves have discovered. They employ science to create a tiny pocket in space-time for Santa’s sleigh to rest in.

It’s easy to make a bubble and keep it going; they need reindeer antlers. Of course, the elves’ wormhole technology allows faster travel through space. This facilitates going to all the houses in a single evening.

  • Magic Reindeer

Unfortunately, most species of reindeer are unable to take to the air. But none of the reindeer are like Santa’s! In other words, they can perform miracles. Santa only uses exceptionally skilled reindeer. After that, he instructs them in every aspect of flight.

  • Antlaerodynamics

A former math professor at Warwick University, Professor Ian Stewart, has also studied this too. We, humans, are naive enough to believe that male reindeer need their antlers to compete with females and engage in battle.

Absolutely ridiculous. In reality, the antlers are designed to release fractal vortices. Not aerodynamics, but antlaerodynamics is what we’re discussing. Santa’s reindeer can fly because the antler tips generate enough lift to soar at their travel speeds.

  • 7 Herbs and Spices!

Santa and his elves have known for a long time that a particular mix of Magical Reindeer Food can make reindeer fly. This is a year-round staple for the reindeer.

That’s enough magic to let them travel worldwide in a single bound. Santa’s Workshop is the only place to find rare reindeer lichen and other wonderful mushrooms.

Santa usually prefers to use reindeer lichen, deer moss, ground ivy and radish root for his reindeer. Of course, he only uses the finest and hardiest plants because they will be sorry if they get injured and can’t fly.

So, these are a few ways and fables that Santa can fly his reindeer.

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Christmas and Reindeer Fly

Now it’s clear that, in reality, reindeer cannot fly. If they could fly, would they be able to draw a sleigh? Hmmm, the answer is “Yes”. To pull Santa’s sleigh, on the other hand, is an entirely different story.

christmas and reindeer

Several years ago, a calculation made by the Telegraph in the United Kingdom suggested that Santa would need 5.6 million reindeer to haul his load of 925,000 tons of goods.

How Fast Can Santa’s Reindeer Fly?

The speed of Santa’s flying reindeer is 3,000 times the speed of sound or 650 miles per second. A normal reindeer can only reach a top speed of about 15 miles per hour, while the fastest human-made vehicle on Earth, the Ulysses space probe, travels at a measly 27.4 miles per second.

Santa’s reindeer are magical and magical reindeer can fly at a higher speed, at least on Christmas. Santa’s reindeer have been depicted in the folklore of many cultures for hundreds of years.

Note: The Christmastime flying reindeer can explain why Santa can be seen flying across the night sky worldwide on Christmas Eve.


Does Alexa say reindeer can fly?

There are no reports that Alexa has ever said that reindeer can fly. But once a boy asked Alexa, “Can reindeer fly?” Alexa answered: Reindeer do not fly. It’s Santa’s magic that makes the reindeer fly.

How to make a Christmas reindeer?

Christmas reindeer are made out of paper. The white paint is used for the reindeer’s antlers and the red, yellow, and green paint for its body and tail. Embolism and staining the reindeer with gooey goo are used to give it a realistic look.

You can have a real reindeer and decorate it with the same colors and pattern as Santa’s reindeer since it has nothing to do with how they look, and we want to put our best foot forward.

What do reindeer eat to make them fly?

It is mentioned earlier that reindeer eat hallucinogenic mushrooms and lichens. The best way to feed reindeer is to use food that has not been lying around long, like carrots and pumpkins. Magical mushrooms could also be the magic that makes the reindeer fly.

Can reindeer swim?

Yes, reindeer can swim, and they are good swimmers. They can swim at a speed of 4 to 6 miles per hour. They migrate from place to place, and they can swim easier in the water when it gets shallow.


It’s a fact that reindeer cannot fly. The enigma of Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas make reindeer great. Although Santa’s reindeer are not real, they represent extraordinary capabilities and will always live on in the hearts of children and parents.

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