Are Reindeer Real? Let’s Prove Its Appearance

Yes, reindeer are real. They exist in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic areas. Tundra and taiga, their usual homes. Caribou is another name for these mammals (Rangifer tarandus). Giant relatives of the deer, these animals congregate in herds of a few hundred or more. They often gather in the thousands in the spring when the weather is favorable.

These hairy creatures have sharp senses and rely heavily on sight and smell to find food and avoid predators. They have adapted well to extremely cold environments where their appetites are particularly large. They are so adept at maintaining good health they don’t have to drink water or eat much food during cold weather.

In this article, we will dive deep into some interesting facts about these magnificent beasts, like whether they are real and what are historical stories about them. Let’s see what we have here for you to indulge in the real reindeer!

Are Reindeer Real (Deer in The Genus Rangifer)?

Reindeer are real and there is no doubt about this fact. Although they are still a myth for most, they exist. The reindeer have been misidentified as different animals in the past and known as such; now we know what it is, so it is completely made up.

These are unbelievably existing animals because they live in extremely cold and harsh environments. So, people think they are imaginary because of the conditions and the limited geographical area in which they are found.

Real reindeer are more fascinating and amazing than their imaginary counterparts. The reason is their predators. It is not easy for them to live in these conditions, and they are mostly affected by their environment.


Also, we must consider their sizes and strength because even if they are small, they can use their horns very efficiently to defend themselves. They are real fighters against predators and harsh environmental conditions.

The real reindeer is a tough animal with shaggy brown coats and a thick undercoat and white patches. Their sturdy legs allow them to walk on even the toughest terrain.

Reindeer have the most intelligent and flexible inner ears of any known animal. Their ears have a forward-facing position, meaning they can hear and detect moving objects in a 360-degree radius.

Are White Reindeer Real (Can Reindeer Be White and How Rare Are White Reindeer)?

Reindeer can indeed be white. Reindeer are commonly seen in brown color, but many in white color live in very isolated areas.

They are mostly seen in the Arctic area. However, this reindeer is much rarer than the others. Although white is an exceptional color for these creatures, there were multiple reports of white reindeer in the past.

To be clear, white reindeer are not albinos; rather, they suffer from a genetic abnormality that causes them to lose their fur’s color. Less than one percent of the world’s deer population is white reindeer.

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There is a special name for these reindeer called “leucistic deer”. The unusual appearance of white reindeer makes them attractive and alluring in the snow. Reindeer that are completely white is also more approachable than their other brethren.

Are Arctic Reindeer Real?

The Arctic reindeer are real. These are subspecies of reindeer, also known as East Greenland Caribou or Greenland Caribou. This subspecies of reindeer was living in eastern Greenland. But in 1900, it went extinct forever.

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They were herbivores and ruminants, which means that they consumed plant matter, fermented with bacteria in a huge digestive chamber known as the rumen, before being regurgitated and chewed again (also known as “chewing the cud”) before moving further down the intestines.

Why Is Reindeer Connected to The Christian Religion? How? What Is the History?

The history of how Santa Claus’s well-known team of reindeer came to be ingrained in the customs and rituals associated with Christmas is more convoluted than you might originally believe.

Many of the traditional Christmas traditions we celebrate today didn’t originate from somewhere but instead grew as a synthesis of Christian philosophy with the pagan traditions that came before them. Let’s see what’s the history of Christmas reindeer:

History Of Christmas Reindeer

The history and mythology of Arctic peoples are rife with references to reindeer. The reindeer were typically viewed with awe and wonder due to their status as one of the northern region’s most abundant food sources and one of the last animals to be properly domesticated. In ancient times, the Saami, Evenks, Chukchi, Nerets, and Khants peoples of the circumpolar regions relied on the reindeer for their economies.

santa with reindeer

Many myths and stories about reindeer can be found in cultures as diverse as Mongolia, Canada, and Scandinavia; it was through a misunderstanding of these traditions that reindeer came to be connected with Christianity. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen are Santa’s renowned eight, but they are a very new troupe, appearing in literature just as recently as 1823.

Yet, reindeer have been a feature of the Christmas and winter celebrations for ages in Northern Europe and Eastern European countries. When many Pagans converted to Christianity during the Middle Ages, ancient practices involving reindeer were incorporated into Christmas celebrations.

The reindeer came to stand for originality, inventiveness, knowledge, and the ability to travel safely and persistently. Popular culture’s depiction of Santa Claus as a jolly old elf riding home on a sleigh drawn by a team of reindeer undoubtedly inspires this concept.

The domestication of reindeer dates back to the Bronze Age, and since then, the reindeer has repeatedly been shown to be a significant resource.

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The Identities of Santa’s Original Reindeer

It was in the 19th century that the idea of Santa riding in a sleigh driven by reindeer became popular, while characters like Santa Claus had been circulating around the world for decades prior.

After a period of Puritanical opposition to the holiday, Christmas celebrations flourished in both the United States and England. Even in 1812, when Washington Irving wrote about Santa Claus “riding over the tops of the trees, in that selfsame waggon,” he made no mention of horses.

An anonymous poem titled “A New Year’s Present,” published nine years later, is credited with making the first public connection between reindeer and Santa Claus. The nameless deer only receive a single line of textual attention. Despite not revealing the poet’s identity, the publisher explained that his mother had taught him about reindeer through indigenous tales.

Reindeer mythology would grow considerably in the subsequent two years. Professor Clement Clarke Moore penned the famous Christmas poem “The Night Before Christmas.”

Moore was hesitant to send the story to a publisher because he thought it was too frivolous; the narrative had originally been created to entertain his daughters. The poem quickly gained popularity, and these eight reindeer have been widely known as Santa’s for almost a century.

Even while the history of Santa’s reindeer is a complex blend of mythology and clever marketing, the animals’ intrinsic strength has ensured their continued hold on our imaginations.

Their widespread presence in the world’s tundras, combined with their innate athleticism and grace, has made them a staple in various myths. True reindeer, though, are just as interesting.

Are The Reindeer Real in Christmas Chronicles?

Even though the reindeer are a crucial part of Santa Claus’s lore, it is a question of context that brings the film’s fiction into question.

amazing reindeer

The Santa Claus of the film is his contemporary, an actual historical figure and an expert tracker and herder. His sleigh, Santa Claus’s magical reindeer, and his army of elves are an elaborate marketing campaign designed to sell toys.

There is no evidence that Santa Claus, with his reindeer, would travel through the enchanted forest which is featured in the film, which would have been a dangerous undertaking in pre-industrial times.

No evidence shows reindeer were real in Christmas Chronicles. However, there’s no doubt that reindeer exist and could be used to travel from place to place.

What Does a Reindeer Look Like in Real Life?

Reindeer is a mammal that has antlers on its head and grows in size like a deer. There is no difference between a reindeer and a deer regarding their physical appearance. Some reindeer will have a more sedentary lifestyle than others. They are most active at dusk and dawn so reindeer can be spotted during these periods.

The hair of a reindeer extends from its nose to its toes (hooves). Despite their goofy appearance, reindeer’s hairy hooves are actually quite useful for navigating slippery conditions like ice, snow, and mud. They are raised on farms for their milk, meat, and hides, in addition to their practical usage as animals of burden.

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Reindeer can be identified by their ears, antlers, markings, and other distinguishing characteristics. Male reindeer can reach a height of 28 to 53 inches (70 to 135 cm) from hoof to shoulder and a length of 5.9 to 6.8 ft (1.8 to 2.1 m).

The average length of a female is between 5.5 and 6.2 feet (1.7 and 1.9 m). Males can weigh anything from 143 to 529 pounds (65 to 240 kilograms), while females can range from 121 to 308. (55 to 140 kg).

The University of Alaska Fairbanks claims that this is the only species of deer in which both males and females develop antlers.

On the skull’s frontal bone is a little stub called a pedicle from which each antler develops. The velvety covering that covers these bony antlers contains blood veins that supply oxygen to the growing bone.

What Is Arctic Reindeer Worth?

Arctic reindeer is currently worth more than the Premium Monkey Box. It is now valued a little less than the GoKart. It is currently worth almost the same as the Monkey King.

It’s a very interesting find that only shows the tremendous value of Anime and Manga goods. The high value is all due to the craftsmanship, rarity, uniqueness, and artistic value. Like the reindeer, it shows that the artisans make quality items.


Are caribou and reindeer different species?

No, caribou and reindeer are the same species and belong to the deer family (Rangifer Tarandus). These are not different animals. Reindeer are indeed caribou, an endangered species native to the north.

In North America, these mammals are known as caribou when they are wild and reindeer when they are domesticated. These are also commonly called reindeer in Europe. Caribou is just another name for reindeer.

Are reindeer intelligent?

Reindeer are certainly not as intelligent as humans, but like any other animal, they are capable of reasoning and have complex language. Their intelligence is an adaptive trait that is not different from other animals.

Is Santa’s reindeer a boy or a girl?

Santa’s reindeer are all female and don’t mind stopping for directions. The male reindeer shed their antlers before December. That’s why there is no doubt that Santa’s reindeer is indeed a girl, not a boy.


Reindeer are real animals of the deer family. They are such charismatic mammals that Santa’s reindeer have a strong historical background. They are easily recognizable because of their big ears, skinny legs, and antlers. They can travel with relative ease in cold environments and are very agile.

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