Are Wolverines Dangerous or Friendly?

Yes! They are dangerous in some circumstances. Most likely, they are more dangerous to their prey than others. Besides, they become more ferocious than normal when defending themselves from predators. However, there is no evidence of human attacks by the wolverines.

To describe the further danger of Wolverines, this will be enough that a wolverine can kill a polar bear with its jaws. The reason behind their ferocity is they are fearless of others.

In this article, we will discuss the heritage and human interactions of the Wolverines. Do they attack humans, or how can people survive their attacks? Continue reading till the end to know all the answers.

How Fearless Are Wolverines?


Wolverines are fearless animals. Surprisingly, they are so fearless that they sometimes go into combat with wolves and other ferocious animals. Wolverines are regarded as one of the most aggressive animals.

They are fearless and don’t hesitate to go into the fight for the power of their jaws and paws. They have incredibly strong jaws that can sometimes outlast the jaw power of wolves. On the other hand, tenacity and fighting skills are unique and get successful in a battle almost all the time.

In addition, they have powerful teeth with strong jaws that can kill any creature in a few minutes. All of these characteristics make the Wolverine a fearless living beast.

Are Wolverines Dangerous to Humans? Can Wolverines Kill Humans?

There is not a single case found of killing a human by a wolverine. In fact, they are most afraid of humans. However, theoretically it is possible for a wolverine to kill a human.

Alaska is the most common place where a large number of wolverines live. The Alaskan Fish and Game Department researched and claimed that Wolverines are most dangerous to their companion animals. But in terms of humans, humans are dangerous to them.

Usually, Wolverines are the type of animals that like to live alone. When any creature comes into their home range, they attack. But if any human comes, they don’t attack. Surprisingly, they hide in a safer place whenever they see a human. This is because of the few interactions between humans and Wolverines daily.

However, they can be dangerous for anyone in terms of defending themselves. So, in the time of defense, they can attack humans if they see any potential danger. Many animal departments suggest staying away from these beasts for safety.

According to researchers from SLU Umea, there is no evidence of wolverines attacking and injuring humans. Research has only recorded a few simulated attacks on small cubs.

On the other hand, the Laps, who have had the most direct contact with wolverines, do not consider them to be a threat to humans. They have a permanent flock of wolverines around the Lap village, according to Reiter owner Olof T. Johansson, but none have attacked humans. (Source)

A Fully Grown Male Wolverine vs an Athletic Human

If a fully grown male wolverine and an athletic human face off, the outcome will largely depend on various factors. Environmental factors, opponent size and weight, and personal strengths and weaknesses are all important considerations.

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Check out this chart, where I will cover some key differences between wolverines and athletic humans.

Comparison chart: wolverine vs an athletic human

AbilitiesWolverineAthletic human
Size and WeightWeighs between 20 to 40 pounds on average  Can vary widely depending on individual
AggressivenessKnown for their aggressive behavior and tenacityCan be aggressive, but may also be able to stay calm in high-pressure situations
HabitatSolitary animals that can be found in remote and rugged areasCapable of adapting to different environments
Natural WeaponsHave sharp claws and teeth that can cause serious injury or even deathMay not have natural weapons, but can use fists, feet, and other body parts as weapons
IntelligenceMay not be as intelligent as humansHigher intelligence and better hand-eye coordination
Ability to Use WeaponsCannot use weapons in the traditional senseCan use weapons and tools, such as knives and guns
Physical StrengthVery strong for their sizeCan vary widely depending on individual
AgilityVery agile and capable of quick movementsCan be agile, but may not be able to match the wolverine in terms of speed and quickness
EnduranceAble to sustain high levels of activity for extended periods of timeCan vary widely depending on individual
Natural InstinctsHave natural instincts for survival and huntingCan use logic and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges

How Strong Is a Wolverine Bite?

The Wolverines have extremely strong jaws and teeth. With this, they can exert a force of up to 50 PSI by biting onto anything.

Besides, they have specialized molars on the top mouth. They can easily break bones as well as frozen fish with these. The special ability of these molars is that molars can be turned to 90 degrees.

However, in the time of killing other animals, Wolverine’s primary weapon is their jaws and teeth. They target to bite on the throat of their enemy to kill by suffocation.

Is A Wolverine More Dangerous Than a Bear?


No! In most situations, A bear can be more dangerous than a Wolverine. Bears are dangerous because of their size and attacking force. Besides, the bite power of a bear is bigger than Wolverine’s bite.

Normally, a bear can generate force by biting up to 1200 PSI which is 15 to 20 times bigger than Wolverine’s bite. On the other hand, there are some cases where a bear kills prey with one single bite.

Like Wolverines, Bears usually don’t attack humans. They attack humans and others in terms of their heritage and cubs’ safety. Eventually, a bear is more dangerous to others than of wolverine.

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Can A Wolverine Kill a Polar Bear?

Although a bear is more dangerous than a wolverine, a wolverine can kill a polar bear. Wolverines are recognized as the most ferocious mammals. However, there was a case that a wolverine killed a polar bear.

In a fight, Wolverine’s best strategy is to defend himself till the last. Wolverines use a tree when fighting bears, as a wolverine waits for a bear in a tree, and whenever it arrives, it jumps on the neck. News was published that a wolverine killed a polar bear inside a zoo by attacking its throat.

Can A Wolverine Kill a Wolf?

It is possible for a wolverine to kill a wolf with some strategies. The wolverine’s best strength is its defense. In a fight with wolves, wolverine deals damage to wolves by dodging and stopping counter-attacks.

On the other hand, the wolverine has more stamina than wolves. So in a long-run fight with wolves, a wolverine will outlast a wolf in one-on-one combat. However, it is easier to kill a wolverine than a wolf because the strength and bite power of wolves is bigger than wolverine.

Can a Wolverine Kill a Dog?

Of course! Wolverines are capable of killing a dog, especially if the wolverine feels threatened or cornered. However, the likelihood of a wolverine killing a dog depends on many factors, such as-

  • Including the size and breed of the dog,
  • The age and health of the wolverine,
  • And the circumstances of the encounter.

If a wolverine and a dog were to encounter each other, the outcome could be unpredictable. In general, it is best to keep dogs away from wild animals, including wolverines. It’ll ensure the safety of both animals.

Can a Wolverine Kill a Tiger?

It is a commonly asked question whether a wolverine can kill a tiger in a fight. On paper, a wolverine is no match for a tiger due to its much smaller size. Even so, it is highly unlikely that a wolverine could successfully kill a full-grown tiger.

Typically, wolves hunt small animals such as rodents, birds, and insects. On the other hand, Tigers are one of the largest and most powerful predators in the world. They can take down large prey such as deer, buffalo, and bears and weigh several hundred kilograms.

Although wolverines have a reputation for incredible physical abilities, they are usually too small to harm full-grown tigers. In fact, tigers are known to hunt and kill wolverines in their native habitats in Asia.

However, some studies have suggested that in the right circumstances, a wolverine could defeat a tiger. For instance, if a wolverine got a hold of a tiger’s neck and didn’t let go. Then, it could eventually strangle and kill the tiger.

Can a Wolverine Kill a Lion?

Well, the majority of the time, a wolverine cannot kill a lion. In the rare event that a wolverine and a lion did encounter each other, it’s possible that the wolverine could use its agility and speed to avoid the lion’s attacks.

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Actually, lions are much larger and more powerful than wolverines. An adult male lion weighing up to 500 pounds and standing taller than 6 feet. Wolverines, on the other hand, typically weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. Also, they are much smaller than lions.

So, while a wolverine may fend off a cub or a wounded lion, it is unlikely to kill an adult lion one-on-one.

Can a Wolverine Beat a Grizzly Bear?

No! Wolverines cannot fight grizzlies because grizzly bears are much larger and stronger than wolverines. An adult male weighs over 600 pounds, compared to a wolverine’s average weight of 30 pounds. Grizzly bears also have powerful jaws and claws that they can use to deliver devastating blows.

Generally, bears and wolverines avoid each other in the wild. They detect each other using their keen senses of smell. Due to its strength and size, the bear would probably win if confronted.

Can a Wolverine Kill a Reindeer?

Yes, in some situations, a wolverine can kill reindeer. Reindeer are large, powerful animals that are adapted to withstand harsh Arctic conditions. Also, they are known to be quite agile and fast.

So, if a wolverine were to attack a healthy adult reindeer, it would likely face a formidable challenge. Typically, wolverines prey on young, sick, or injured reindeer or scavenge carcasses left by other predators.

What do Wolverines Fear?

Wolverines fear other large predators, such as bears and wolves, as well as cougars, lynxes, and wolverine-eating birds like hawks and eagles. Also, they can get sick easily, so they have to take care of their health and stay away from other animals.

What’s The Biggest Animal A Wolverine Can Kill?

Wolverines in attacking mode

The Wolverines are not bigger. They are only 1.5 feet tall and 17 to 40 pounds in weight. Nevertheless, they can kill any animal that is 5 times bigger than them.

However, Wolverines are generally seen to hunt moderately small animals and mammals like rodents and arctic foxes. But they are also seen to kill sheep, big deer, and caribou. Caribou are the biggest animals that a wolverine can kill. However, this case is rare because wolverine doesn’t normally attack them.

Which Is More Dangerous, A Wolverine or A Badger?

If we compare these two by overall consideration, the wolverine is the dangerous animal here. The primary reason is wolverines hunt on the territory and can take down 5 times larger than their size.

Badgers are also dangerous mammals. They have sharp teeth like wolverines and are better than wolverines in some characteristics, like agility in digging, climbing, and swimming. That is why they can easily go and hunt underground.

On the other hand, Wolverines are more clever, powerful, and energetic than a badger. And the physical characteristics are more developed than badgers.

Are Wolverines Friendly?

They are not very friendly to humans. But they can easily be tamed. However, if they see any potential danger, they won’t hesitate to attack humans. They are solitary animals indeed.


1. Are wolverines deadly?

Yes, they are. Wolverines are one of the most ferocious mammals. They are too deadly to their prey. Their physical characteristics, like sharp teeth, strong jaws, and paws, make them deadly to their fellow animals. Also, they have extremely strong claws.

2. What animal can kill a wolverine?

Wolves, Lions, and bears are the animals that can kill a wolverine. However, it is too tough to beat and kill a wolverine completely because the Wolverines can deal serious damage to their predators while fighting against them.

3. Can a badger beat a wolverine?

A badger can beat a wolverine but cannot kill a wolverine. Like the wolverine, the badger has sharp teeth that can penetrate the flesh of the wolverine. But the biting is not enough to kill the wolverine.


Wolverines are solitary animals means they like to live alone. For this reason, they always avoid humans and other animals from interacting. They are actually dangerous and eat their fellow animals and small mammals.

It is recommended that every human maintain a safe distance from Wolverines, as they can be fatal in some circumstances. People should avoid hunting them to maintain a good fellowship.

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